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Ad Pages are Dynamic

Mock-up of Locums Ad Page

With explanations of different features of displayed ads.

Top Ads

Terrific Toronto

Top Ads are coloured green and are more prominent than Free Ads.  A Top Ad is more visible when Locum Practitioners are browsing the Locum Ad pages.  Ads may be promoted to Top Ads for 7, 14 or 28 days.

Urgent Ads

Beautiful Barrie


Urgent Ads are highlighted in red, are displayed at the top of the ad pages and cannot be filtered out of searches, increasing the chance that Locum practitioners locate your ad.  Ads may be promoted to Urgent Ads for 7, 14 or 28 days.

Free Ads

Outstanding Ottawa

Free Ads appear at the bottom of the Locum Ad pages and move down as new ads are created.  Free Ads are searchable and all ads are mapped to a map of Ontario based on address, community, OHT and OHR.  NOTE: Francophone communities are designated with a blue Fleurs de Lis.

Fleurs de Lis.png


Stunning Sudbury

Any Locum Opportunity suitable for a Nurse Practitioner is designated with an orange 'NP'.  

Thrilling Thunder Bay

Communities identified as underserviced by their RIO score are designated with an 'Underserviced' sash and dotted red border.  Underserviced communities hold a special place in the heart of LocumsOntario.


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